About Telefio


Telefio originated in 2008 when a few developers from a small youth group in Harrisonburg, Virginia got together to figure out a solution on how to make group communication easy and affordable. Telefio's mission, as it was from the beginning, is to provide group messaging services to as many groups as possible by making it free. Additional features can be obtained at an affordable price.

Who we are

Telefio is under the wing of Microchat, LLC who maintains and operates it. Microchat is a software development company which specializes in communication automation.

What we offer

Telefio offers free group SMS messaging that is robust and easy to use. To enhance the service, we also provide the following features:

Why we do what we do

We believe that any group, regardless of size or type, should have access to services that it can afford. We have searched all around for free (or affordable) group messaging services and could not find anthing that fit the needs of small group leaders, youth leaders and others who frequently communicate with their members. That is the reason why Telefio was created and still exists to this day.

How you can help

If you love Telefio we would appreciate if you spread the word out to your friends, family, co-workers and anyone else that would benefit from it. Having more users who contribute to Telefio (via donations or paid plans) increases the quality of the service and helps w!ith the development of new features. Spread the love